Cloudways Hosting Review 2019: Does it Worth the Hype or Not?

If you are confused whether Cloudways hosting is the best web hosting worth your money or not? Here you will get the complete review of Cloudways hosting and at the end of this article you will have your all doubts clear and you will know if it is perfect for you or not?

Let’s start from the basics. First, we will know about Cloudways and then we will see all the features and services it is offering.

Cloudways Hosting Review And DiscountCloudways

Cloudways is a premium web hosting site. it is one of the best web hostings which is very powerful and super fast than another web hosting. Cloudways is a platform which facilitates the WordPress sites to unleash their fullest potential towards success.

Cloudways offers CDN implementation which proves to increase the traffic on websites and with it the servers are not in stress load of huge traffic. it is the measure set back of most of the servers as when the traffic increases the load on the server also increases and when the stress goes beyond the limit then the server gets crashed. So to prevent it Cloudways CDN is there.

Talking about the speed of Cloudways server, it is one of the fastest servers we have ever used and we are very much impressed with it that we migrated our website on Cloudways. It takes split of seconds to load the pages which increase the user experience and this makes the reader loyal and attracted toward the site.

Now, let’s see what have Cloudways to offer?

Features and services of Cloudways

1. SSD based hosting

Clodudways offer SSD based hosting which improves the loading speed up to 3x than normal drives. SSD is an advanced version of drives which have powerful accessing and processing power. This helps the blog to load its pages much faster and increases the processing speed of data.

2.  WordPress cache plugin

Cloudways has built-in Cache plugin for WordPress to increase the performance than other plugins. It is offered completely free of cost and adds an extra element for the website success.

3. Cloudways CDN

Cloudways CDN can be implemented in Cloudways very easy within a few clicks and after that, you can experience the simple yet powerful service of CND. It increases the global response time. implementing it doesn’t require any kind of technical knowledge. You just have to click on a few buttons and then it will start working.

4. Auto-healing Cloud servers

In Cloudways you don’t have to worry about any kind of problem occurring to the server because the server is designed to automatically heal itself. This is very beneficial for users as they don’t have to spend hours in resolving the issues instead they can focus on website content and other things. It will increase users productivity and security of the servers.

5. free SSL certificate

Cloudways offers free SSL certificate in their all plans. SSL certificate is very important for getting good SEO rank in google search as it is recommended by Google itself for increasing the ranking factor. HTTPS domains are favored by Google and ranks above than other domains. on the other hand, we have got WPX Hostingv which is also one of the best WordPress Managed Hosting provider which offers FREE SSL Certificate with its premium hosting plans.

6. 1-click backup and restore

In Cloudways server all your blog data is being backed up daily and whenever you want to restore due to some issues then you can do it in just 1-click and all your blog data will be restored.

7. free site migration

you can migrate to any server without paying any migration charge. Cloudways provide unlimited site migration so you can freely migrate whenever you want. You just have to tell their technical team and they will handle the rest.

8. multiple users

Cloudways gives you the freedom to manage one account by multiple users. it is very helpful if there are multiple website managers in a company.

9. live chat support

If you have come across any kind of issues then you get several options to get in touch with the support. Among them, live chat support is the most user-friendly one. from live chat, you can ask for any doubts, queries, and anything which comes to your mind.  The response rate is very fast. You will get reply within seconds and it is available for 24/7.

Does it worth it?

If you want to build a powerful and advance website which will achieve success in less time and more efficiently without being stuck at some point then Cloudways is the best option to go with.

Cloudways is offering advanced features and tools to help you manage your website securely and more productively and it is taking care of all the difficult part so that you can focus on the things in which you are good at.

About the price of Cloudways hosting then, it is the world’s most affordable premium web hosting which does not restrict on any kind of service on you.

Cloudways is offering a free trial for 14 days to test the services and in this period, you will come to know if it is the best to service for your website or not. The amazing things are that they don’t ask for any credit card during signup for a free trial and when you will feel complete satisfaction, then you can buy any plan otherwise can easily back out. They have many different packages designed for different types of needs like for WordPress website, business website, eCommerce, etc. so you can choose the right package with the right price.

Final words on Cloudways

I will recommend Cloudways to those who are very serious about blogging and getting their website at the top. They will surely understand what are the factors important for the growth for a website and Cloudways is providing all of it.

Cloudways is a very reliable web hosting on which you can trust blindly and they will never disappoint you. they also have many discount offers where you can save a lot of money in the deal from discount promo codes and season sales.


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